"...and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." - 2 Cor. 3:17

Pastor Clifford D. Swankler



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Jan. 11-15 - Wild Game Meal & Revival
Feb. 14 - Valentine's Banquet
Feb. 16 - Sweetheart Sunday
April - Missionary Month

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A word from the Pastor...

2014 is another great opportunity for God's people to get the Gospel to a lost world. The time of Christ's return is very soon, so Christians need to gear up as never before in reaching the lost around the world, and in their own community for Jesus. America's churches have become pools of cloudy water when it comes to preaching biblical truth from the Word of God. Preachers have become more political correct then biblically correct, and have ceased to be watchmen. Liberals in the pulpits can't be trusted any more than liberals in politics when it comes to delivering the truth. The story was told of a pastor who was taking up a collection for his decaying and infested church's restoration. The pastor spoke of the collection like this, "The collection this morning will go to the alleviation of the dry rot in the pulpit, and the worms in the pews." We certainly have that today in our mainline denominational churches today, rotten pulpits and infested pews. Churches today are preforming homosexual marriages, and allowing homosexuals; and drunks; and drug addicts; and liberals; in leadership positions. Christian colleges and seminaries have gone liberal and are now promoting and accepting ungodly behavior. The problem with America can be traced back to the pulpits today that have become silent about our sinful condition. Politicians are promoting ungodliness, trying to appease every social group today, with very few standing for God and the Bible. The president is supporting and promoting sin that would have had ordinary men in the past arrested and tossed in prison. States are voting into law, drug abuse, sodomite marriages, gun restrictions, and forcing us to pay more taxes for it all. The answer for America getting back to God is for the churches of America to get back to God. The only way our churches can get back to God is if we, as Christians will get back to God. The answer for revival is not in the Whitehouse; the Courthouse, the schoolhouse, but God's house. 2 Chronicles 7:14
Pastor Clifford Swankler



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We believe...

  • Salvation by grace through faith
  • Eternal security of the believer
  • A literal Heaven and Hell
  • The King James Bible
  • Separation and Sanctification
  • The pretribulational, premillenial, return of Jesus Christ


Our church is located between Everett and Breezewood on Route 30, just minutes from Everett or Breezewood.

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